Outfit : Let the sun shine !

Hey there  Here is my first outfit post!  Wearing a old top from h&m, shorts that i made myself out of a old jean,  shoes from h&m and the sunglasses are random. The sun shine is so nice! love to just sit in the garden en do nothing!  For more pictures click below!  Hugss Nora!


We just moved to or new place. Looking around in the secondhand stores finding many great thing andd… Also this lamp! The color is perfect and it looks so beautiful.  a real eye catcher in or new home! Now it is all about the decorating!  Have a wonderful day!  Hugss Nora! 


                                     Haaay There! Me and my cat!  Welcome!.  Just starded and happy to see you here and chek it out!!.  My name is Nora (annora) a girl from the NL living in friesland.  Yess i know not amsterdam … Lees meer!