Faves : at the moment.

So yeah not really monthly faves but more at the moment.  The scarf i loveeee. wearing it all the time:D! 2 nice lipsticks one a pink color and the other one a more nude color. And then the beanie.. yes i totally forgot about this one! but now i am loving it!

Outfit: Baggy

Wearing: jeans: ltb/ shoes: lebunnyblue/ shirt: gift/  Yeah this outfit is from a few days ago, when it was not snowing and raining hahaa! What do you think..? i like baggy jeans but not sure about how they fit me. so really a simple combination for now!


Lazy Oaf , $120 / Sweat shirt / Cotton shirt / Wildfox Couture baggy shirt, $210 / French Connection sheer top So here are some sweaters.. yeah i love them all! so nice and comfy with thiss wheater! What’s your fave?! So lovely to see the snow..makes me smile:D