OMG.. this was just like heaven last week when we went to a thrift store..The bag.. leather and only 1,50 i was almost jumping like omg i take this with meee :P! And i am so happy with it! The sort of decoration i don’t know what it is but i love black and cubes … Lees meer!

OUTFIT | Stairs

Wearing | Shirt: Thrift find / Jeans: From the local supermarket brand esmara/ Sneakers: Nike On those stairs i absolutely love to take my outfit pictures!Also to use it as a background but when the boyfriend said to me why don’t you go stand in the middle i though why didn’t we do that before … Lees meer!


Yess i had a score at the thrift shop the other week!Bought these levi’s jeans for ā‚¬3,50 and made it into a DIY shorts! So happy with the result of it šŸ™‚Then this black bag for ā‚¬2,50 that was just to cute to leave it hanging there! What do you think of the items?! Score … Lees meer!