Pretty home stuff

The inspiration continues haaha since we are so busy moving and my fashionable outfits are not really fashionable with painting and stuff i focus on all the pretty stuff to show you ;)! 
Hope you don’t mind and soon as we have time to shoot a new outfit it will be coming up of course! 
Well now the house is almost done with paint all white of course 😉 and the floor is coming in this weekend i think at least that is the plan ;)! we can start to go out and buy new stuff.. since we sold a lot from our old interior there is many to buy! So jup busybusy but such a good thing and it makes me happy we are almost gonna move! 
Well that was a kind of update just so you know 😛 haha !
Ohh and what do you think about these pretty decor? the skull obsession continues i only have to find one pretty in the Netherlands so tips are welcome! 
Have a lovely day everyone! Hugs Nora!
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