March Bits and Bops!

Goodmorning everyone!
March was an alright month but we had some issues with Damon… Blehg!
That’s probably why you will find him a lot (sleeping haha)  in the pictures because he took a lot lot of my time and jup then you make pictures because he is to cute not to 😛 haha <3
He is now sick for 2 weeks..the medication he first got didn’t help him enough, so we went again to the vet a few day’s ago and got new medication! Now it’s getting better, but we will see how he passes the weekend! Taking care of a dog is a hard job especially when they get sick.. brr not fun. And then not to talk about that puppy face he makes haha:P
But other than that march was a great month and yeeey aren’t we all happy that spring is here!

Well enough of the talk let’s go to the pictures! Click below to see more!

/1 We had a shoot, i work as a make up artist sometimes in the weekend just for my hobby!/ 2 A selfie with olliver(1 of the cats from my parents)/ 3 sleepy Xiam <3/ 4 Owyeah got a package then with a lovely note:P/ 5  fromwhereistand/ 6 Again a package my platforms came in that day / 7 Damon sleeping he always takes his pillow with him:P/ 8 Selfie:p/ 9 from where i stand with my platforms/ 10 fromwhereistand wearing my white all stars!/ 11 Jeejj little xiam in the garden to sweet:p / 12 Haha Damon sits on the chair next to me a lot lot 😛 so funny haha/
/13 from where i stand all comfy <3/ 14 did my nails :)/ 15 Ollii steels the show owyeah :P/ 16 and this is senna!/ 17 Outfit of the day in my old room at my parents!/18 Nikes / 19 i was so proud of myself wearing a skirt that day haha/ 20 and of course slipons / 21 And again with the pillow haha/ 22 Selfie time/ 23 printed pants from where i stand!/ 24 new shoes <3/ 
/25 Details of my outfit that day!/ 26 again details and my cute shirt!/ 27 from where i stand owyeah again:P/ 28 allstars love them!/ 29 Little dams knock out after training/ 30 wearing a white shirt and some comfy bottoms!!/ 31 Dams on the lap ;)/ 32 selfie with damsii / 33 Jeej first day wearing shorts <3/ 34 Slipons and dams <3/ 35 here he was a bit sad but oh so cute hihi/ 36 from where i stand outfit! /
Hope you enjoyed this post! What are you up to this weekend?
Today we are chilling and tomorrow i will be doing shoots again with my brothers girlfriend (she is a photographer) and i will be doing the make up 🙂 So that’s going to be a busy day but fun day :D! 
And after that we are going to the birthday of my boyfriends little brotherr jeej!! 😀  
Have a great weekend everyone! 
Hugs Nora 
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