February was a fun month but hey i am ready for spring so the sooner the better you know!
Today a little recap of February.. lot’s of from where i stand ( i just love to take those :P)!
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Click below to see all the pictures!!

1 Being sportive at the gym 😉 / 2 Shiny pants and converse <3 / 3 My favorite turtlenecksweater from H&M/ 4 Leopard vans still love them!/ 5 Yesss this is just so lovely and white <3/ 6 Did my nails with hello marshmallow!/ 7 Ohgg these shorts!/ 8 Fromwhereistand cocacola shirt!/ 9 got this little phoneplug as a gift from closet88/ 10 Fromwhereistand chilll :)/ 11 Selfie on sunday!/ 12 Again a fromwhereistand wearing my cutoutboots!/

13 Sleepydams to cute <3/ 14 Cutoutboots in the sun ;)/ 15 Such a pretty view wouldn’t mind being there!/ 16 oldskool vans!/ 17 This was on valentine hihi harts!/ 18 Fromwhereistand with perfect slipons!/ 19 Catrice nailpolish on!/ 20 again those slipons love them!/ 21 Selfie with dams his head is bigger as mine:p / 22 Fromwhereistand with dr martens see the whole outfit here! / 23 Love them<3 and dams was taking over the couch:P/ 24 Selfie from last year in the summer.. / 

25 From where is stand again those burgundy sneakers ;)/ 26 Selfie in the morning!/ 27 Chilling in my leggings./ 28 Walkies with dams :)/ 29 Found a really old scarf back an so bright orange!/ 30 Present from the boyfriend! So happy with my new sneakers <3 (ps: Showed you them yesterday here!)
That was my month in bits and bops again! Hope you liked to see it.
Let me know how your month was in the comments.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 
Hugs Nora 
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